I Have Severe Pain Right Under My Right Shoulder Blade and the Pain Runs Down My Right Arm. How Can I Relieve Thispain?
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I Have Severe Pain Right Under My Right Shoulder Blade and the Pain Runs Down My Right Arm. How Can I Relieve Thispain?

tight muscles lower part of right shoulder blade. Pain runs downmy right arm to my fingers. The pain will not go away.

Asked on Jun 29, 2010Improve / edit this question

5 Answers

Ronald Lindsey   L2: Contributor   4 answers   +4 votes
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Hello Debbie,

This sounds like a pinched nerve.  In particular it may be the Musculocutaneous nerve.  There are a number of possibilities for having uncomfortable pressure on this nerve including injury or simply an improper stretch or movement.

The tight muscles in the shoulder seem to indicate that you strained your right side by over exerting your muscles and then relaxed without them going back into their normal position.  The muscles are still 'flexed' and they are pressing the nerve either between muscle fiber or between muscle fiber and the bone.

Resolution - a warm bath or compress will relax the muscles to some degree so they can move easily.  You will have to rotate your arm and shoulder to find the position of most pain and relief.  Rotate your arm in ever increasing circles until you find the orientation that seems to release the tension.  You may have to bend your elbow to find this position.  You may have to get assistance from a friend to press on your shoulder from the front while extending your arm out to the side.

Untangling the muscle fibers may create a tinge of pain, as you stretch it back into place, but you should feel immediate relief as the muscle relaxes afterwards.  The pain down your arm should stop as soon as the crimped nerve plexus is relaxed.  There may be some soreness that lingers as your cells heal. 

If you would like expert help - research a massage therapist  or cranial sacral therapist that also does energy work such as Reiki.  Their sensitivity to energy should help them feel the strained energy.  Their understanding of anatomy will help them to move your arm/shoulder to reset the muscle and relieve the tension.

I trust this is helpful.

Ronald Lindsey - www.EnergyHarmonics.net

Posted on Jul 5, 2010
Misty Virgilio   L1: Member   1 answers   +1 votes
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I think you should get this checked out by a doctor.  I JUST today read an article of a woman who had these exact same symptoms and it turned out she had had a heart attack.  Sounds wierd, I know but the article was about symptoms you should not avoid. 

Feel Better!

Misty Virgilio

HCG Diet Coach


Posted on Jul 14, 2010
m s   L3: Expert   12 answers   +0 votes
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Nerves start on the spine and move through out your entire body. I have to agree this sounds like nerve pain and it can radiate or extend to another part of the body that the nerve goes too. Could also be a pulled muscle though. Try taking some NSAIDS or Advil, Ibuprophen. If the pain refuses to subside, then it could be nerve; currently there are no over the counter medications to block nerve pain. good luck.

Posted on Jul 18, 2010
bob kerry   L1: Member   7 answers   -1 votes
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hey my friend i believe that you should consult your doctor and try to tell him the whole story because this can lead to some harmful effects too...this can lead to heart attack too...so it is much better for you to consult your doctor so that you can start taking good care of your self..

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Posted on Jul 18, 2010
Natasha Head   L3: Expert   26 answers   +24 votes
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Aches and pains, especially in your affected area, can sometimes be a cause for concern and a sign of something serious.  Like the posters previous, I highly recommend seeing a professional to determine that it is only a kink or muscle cramp.  Once you know for sure, you'll be able to handle repeated bouts whenever they flare up.

Posted on Aug 20, 2010

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