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Last answer by savana joseph 75 months ago +0 votes:
For good care of your eyes an intake of Vitamins A, B and C is very essential. Several vegetables eaten raw do a lot of good to the eyes. Carrot, celery, parsley and spinach, etc. contain a large amount of Vitamin A. Carrot juice is supposed to help where even eye exercises and new glasses have failed. more
Last answer by Rama lingam 66 months ago -2 votes:
Please consult a sexologist. more
Last answer by David Marshall 66 months ago +0 votes:
Hey- I had scoliosis for a few years which got so sever I needed a spinal fusion surgery to correct it. Over the years I have been a very close friend of back pain as well as the remedies for treating it. For me, ice and heat and stretching never really provided crazy effective results. The best thing I found was MusclEase This is a supplement that contains loads of vitamins and minerals that help... more
Last answer by deepa venkitesh 75 months ago +3 votes:
if you have this disease, please consult your doctor, gargle frequently with salt in hot water, eat crystal sugar, tulasi leaves and avoid foods like yogurt and cold drinks. pepper soup is great. more
Last answer by Michael Gibson 85 months ago +0 votes:
It depends on a few factors, the source of the poor posture, your age, and the amount of degenerative change in your spine. Kanata Chiropractor   more
Last answer by Natasha Head 87 months ago +0 votes:
Aches and pains, especially in your affected area, can sometimes be a cause for concern and a sign of something serious.  Like the posters previous, I highly recommend seeing a professional to determine that it is only a kink or muscle cramp.  Once you know for sure, you'll be able to handle repeated bouts whenever they flare up. more
Last answer by Sam Montana 97 months ago +1 votes:
Bend your knees and keep your back straight. Use your legs and lift with your legs. Keep your feet about should width apart. Don’t turn at the waist when you’re carrying the object.   more
I have a band that stays constantly under my rib cage. If I lay down it is much worse and also when I lay down on my left side my right side of my stomach where it sinks in like an hourglass feels as if that area has completely sunk in. It is very difficult to describe but it is extremely uncomfortable and can be very painful even. It is with me 24/7 but is much much less if I am moving or standin... more
Last answer by Angie Russell 103 months ago +0 votes:
Be sure you are seated properly. Sitting in a chair at the proper height that supports your back. Place both feet on the floor, one slightly in front of the other. Outstretch your arms with just a slight bend in the elbow. If you have the proper "stance" while typing you will experience less pain from fatigue. more