Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy: Tips and Massage to Relieve Back Pain
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Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy: Tips and Massage to Relieve Back Pain

Lower back pain is common during pregnancy. There are a host of factors that are responsible for development of back pain but fortunately there are some simple tips that can help manage the condition. Aromatherapy massage is also considered to be helpful in the management of lower back pain

Back pain is frequently seen during pregnancy, and is experienced by most women. The intensity of the pain tends to differ from individual to individual, and depends on the woman’s weight and on the baby’s weight. It is vital to understand various back pain causes and how to relieve the pain speedily.

Back Pains During Pregnancy Causes: Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common during pregnancy and is attributed to a host of factors,

  • Overweight and obesity are significant causes for back pain.The spine supports the women’s weight and the weight of the baby, thereby, leading to mid-back pain and discomfort. Furthermore, during pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts forwards, and this causes a problem with the posture, setting off discomfort.
  • During pregnancy, the hormone profile undergoes several changes and oscillations. The level of the hormone relaxin rises during pregnancy; this makes the ligaments in the pelvic cavity soft and makes the joints in the back smooth. A shift or movement in the joint triggers back pain during pregnancy
  • Exertion and stress worsen the condition considerably.
  • Now and then, the sciatic nerve that passes via the hip joint gets irritated and inflamed, causing pain.
  • Back  pain becomes common as the due date gets close and is associated with labor.

Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy and  Treatment: Tips to Relieve Back Pain

Here are some common treatments and tips to manage lower back pain especially during pregnancy,

  • Yoga and exercises for the back are advised during pregnancy. However, you ought to go to an expert and start the session after the first trimester (first 3 months) is over. Exercise keeps the muscles of the abdomen and back strong.
  • Wear a belly support belt.
  • Never wear heels during pregnancy.
  • You must make sure that your posture correct. Do not sit in one position for long intervals of time. Keep stretching your legs every half an hour.
  • Do not over exert; take ample rest.
  • Acupressure affords relief from pain. Regular sessions with a therapist are definitely helpful. Acupressure and reflexology help lessen back pain substantially.
  • Sleep on the left side and place a pillow below the knees.
  • Do not take pain killers and analgesics to alleviate the pain. It affects the baby’s health. Discuss with your gynecologist in case the pain is agonizing.

Massage for Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy: Aromatherapy for Back Pain 

An aromatherapy massage helps ease a lot of the back pain felt during pregnancy. However, make sure you get a licensed masseur and qualified aromatherapy specialist. Massage stokes during pregnancy should be gentle and only those oils that are permitted during pregnancy should be used.

Ginger essential oil is suitable during pregnancy. Ginger warms the muscles and peps up blood circulation. Use it in your bath (2 drops) or blend with a base oil, such as, sesame seed oil or olive oil and use for massage. Overall, the oil is warming and fortifying.

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