Keeping Your Back Healthy And Strong
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Keeping Your Back Healthy And Strong

Learn how to keep your back healthy and strong by following body techniques and living a healthy lifestyle.

We need to keep our backs strong because we need them to be strong.  Here are some tips we could do as a part of our daily life:

Have a Regular Exercise: regular aerobic activities which are easy on your back can boost strength and staying power in your back.  They also help your muscles healthy and strong. Brisk walking and swimming are known to be very beneficial exercises that are not only helpful to your back but to your entire body..

Try Building Up Muscle Strength and Suppleness: Muscles particularly in the abdominal and back regions should be strong and supple.. An excellent way of strengthening abdominal and back muscles is the pilates exercise because they help condition the muscles which support your torso and back. Building and maintaining suppleness in your hips and thighs are important because they help keep pelvic bones in correct alignment and reduces the chances of having back pain.

Quit Smoking: Why do you need to smoke? Smokers are not only at far higher risk of a range of serious health related issues such as lung cancers, they also reduce the oxygen levels in their spinal area, which slows healing down when damage in these areas occurs.

Don't try but do lose weight! Overweight people as we know are not only at far higher risk of serious health related issues such as heart disease and diabetes, but they are also at a higher risk of developing back pain because of the pressure being put there. Being overweight puts a huge strain on your muscles, bones, and the soft tissues in and around the back. Lose weight to prevent further back pain.

Body Mechanics

To keep a strong and healthy back, apply the following techniques in your daily life:

Adopt a good standing posture: Most people have the weakness of not adopting an excellent standing posture.  Good standing posture or standing correctly will ensure your pelvis is in a neutral position. If you have to stand for long periods, place your feet alternatively on a low stool. This should help to make your legs and feet not tire easily but also to take some of the strain from your lower back

Support your back when sitting down: You can always know if you're sitting on an uncomfortable chair because you can feel your back hurts or you may be sitting down uncomfortably. When sitting down, select a chair that has a comfortable lower back support with arm rests. Use chairs that can help reduce the strain on your back. Placing a small cushion or a rolled up towel or blanket in the small of your back can be more comfortable and helps preserve your back's natural curve. Keep your knees and hips at the same level when sitting down.

Lift or Carry things correctly. When lifting something from the ground, don't bend your back as this will only put strain on your back and hurt it. You should make sure your back is as straight as possible and use your legs to lift the weight. Not keeping my back in a straight line when lifting and carrying heavy loads, a box of groceries for example, was what caused me back pain before. Keep your back straight and bend only at the knees when lifting and carrying to avoid hurting your back. Holding the load also as close as possible to your body can also help reduce the strain placed on the back. If you can't lift something heavy, don't force yourself. Ask someone to help you instead.

Sleep Comfortably: If you suffer with back problems, choose a bed with a mattress that is supportive and not too hard or too soft. Choose the types of mattress that provide the best support and comfort for the back. You may want to support your head with soft pillows which can also help support your back.


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Comments (6)

very good, I am suffering from a terrible back ache for the past month and a half

Exercise can make good posture to keep a healthy back, useful information here.

Good advice and nicely written. One cannot overstate the importance of avoiding back injuries. My father in law is wheel chair bound as the result of a back injury he suffered many years ago. Voted up.

Good advise. Most people think that a hard mattress is better for the back, but it usually isn't.

the harm of smoking seems unlimited. amazing that it can affect the back.

Thank you everyone for the helpful comments and of course for the votes!