Improve Your Posture With Simple Exercises
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Improve Your Posture With Simple Exercises

Improve your posture and health with daily exercises.

Posture is very important to your body and health. Improving your posture will definitely make you feel better as it can reduce any tension in your neck or back. You will be able to feel better about yourself and your body by keeping up with great posture.

Standing - While standing your feet should be the same width apart as your shoulders lay. When you are standing most of your weight should be on the balls of your feet instead of on your heels. You should also keep your shoulders back so your chest is out and be sure that your chin is leveled. You may be used to slouching and looking down.

Sitting - Many of us probably have poor posture as we sit. When we are at a computer desk or watching television we probably slouch over or put pressure on our back incorrectly. Just like when you are standing you should be sure to have your shoulders back and chin even. It is also important to keep an arch in the lower back. Keeping your feet on the floor is another great tip. Many of us tend to sit on our legs or put one foot up. This is very poor posture.

Knowing the correct and incorrect posture is easy however, actually doing it correctly is a different story. You can improve your posture in easy steps by doing the following exercises. The more often you practice these exercises, the easier it will be for you to maintain great posture.

-Sit in a chair straight with your hands right next to you on the chair. Use the chair to push your weight up until your hips are off of the chair. Hold this position for 5 seconds and let go. Repeat this several times.

-Lay on your side with your knees slightly bent. Raise your top leg up, repeating 10 times. You may feel pressure on your lower back. Do this on both sides to strengthen your back which will improve your posture.

-Kneel on one knee on a soft padded carpet with the opposite leg straight in front. Bend down slowly to stretch your hips. This is a great exercise to strengthen your hips for a healthy posture.

-Lay down on your stomach with your legs together and your arms straight out. Raise your arms slowly and hold this pose for 15 seconds. This is a great exercise for the middle of your back.

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Comments (2)

A regular exercise can definitely improve postures, very well composed.

This is a very important article for health reasons. Excellent job on this article.