How to Stop Back Pain 1
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How to Stop Back Pain 1

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Back pains and neck pains were considered to be the problem of old age people, but there has been a huge change in the last decade as the number of people suffering from back problems are from younger groups and men and women are equally affected by chronic low back pain and the most common problem is a slipped disc which causes pain in the neck and back.

Back pain affects between four percent and thirty three percent of the world's population and is defined as pain that persists far beyond acute pain for an injury to heal. When the disc gets displaced from its original position, it is called a slipped disc, leading to pain in the legs or arms.

Causes leading to slip disc:  faulty posture, lack of exercise, stressful life both physically and mentally, sedentary lifestyle.

To reduce the pain of a slipped disc, one should get proper rest, have medicines recommended by doctors, regular exercises, physical therapies and surgery if symptoms are serious.


In order to prevent a slipped disc, one should exercise regularly, maintain proper posture, maintain a proper balance of work and recreation, eat a balanced diet, get enough rest, have plenty of water, take breaks while working continuously, and take vacations once in six months to recharge your energy; if a slipped disc is suspected, get early diagnosis and immediate treatment for workout plans and diet.


Avoid junk foods, excessive smoking, do not use computers continuously, take breaks in if doing so, do not neglect back pain, consult doctor immediately, do not use vehicles on bumpy roads, avoid using big pillows or soft mattresses, don’t forget to pay attention to your posture while working.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is always adopt a positive attitude to remain healthy, fit and strong and stop neglecting your health care as it is very rightly said “Health is Wealth.


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