How to Relieve Knots and Tight Muscles in the Back
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How to Relieve Knots and Tight Muscles in the Back

Reading this article will help you to understand how to relieve knots and tight muscles in the back.

Knots and tight muscles in the back can happen, when your muscles are overused or kept in a same position for a long time. Especially, nowadays, we tend to spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer or keeping a laptop over folded legs,we become an easy pray to back muscle pain. Reading this article will help you to understand how to relieve knots and tight muscles in the back.

Foremost thing is to understand what is a muscle knot. Muscle knot and tightness, called as myofascial trigger points, cause mild to severe pain in the affected area. Muscle spasm acts as your manager by making your muscles to work continuously and causes knots and tightness in the back. Though we don’t have any scientific explanation on why knots and tight muscles in the back occur, we have home remedies and prevention techniques to get rid of them.

Home Remedies for Knots and Tight Muscles in the Back:

Supporting the back: It is advisable to use cushions or pillows as support tools to your back muscles while sitting in the couch or traveling long distances.

Massaging the muscle: Disturbance in blood flow can cause knots in the muscles by tightening them. Using a hot water bath or hot towel bath and massaging them can help improve blood circulation and loosen the tight muscles.

Take a break often: If you are a person who needs to overuse your back muscle because of your job, try to give a break and relax often as possible. If you are a person who needs to sit in a place for a long period, take a break once in half an hour or so, go for a brisk walk and do mild exercises.

Right diet: Eating diet rich in potassium and calcium can improve the situation. Please make sure your protein intake is not too high. Few researches show that protein that accumulates in muscles can cause knots. However, you need to check with your physician for knowing the exact reason before deciding your diet pattern.

Drink plenty of water: Keeping your body moisture and hydration level accurately is very important for blood circulation as well your digestive system to work appropriately. Drinking plenty of water, juices and other watery contents can help a lot to avoid back muscle tightening and in turn knots and pain.

Using anti-inflammatory medicine: Massaging or applying anti-inflammatory creams or ointments like Bengay can help get rid of the muscle pain in the back.

Home treatment options can help when the pain due to knots and muscle tightening in the back is light or mild. If the pain in the back goes severe and occurs quite often because of knot and tight muscles, it is important to immediately contact your family physician or a healthcare personal and seek medical attention. Researches are still going on to find the exact cause of knots and tight muscles in the back.

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Very useful since I suffer from the problem.

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