How To Relieve Knots And Tight Muscles In The Back
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How To Relieve Knots And Tight Muscles In The Back

Simple advice to relieve tense knots and muscles in your neck and back. From relaxation to massage, from Reflexolgy to Yoga, Pilates, to Wii Fit.

First establish how you have those knots and tight muscles in your back and possibly neck in the first place.

Causes are many but common ones are, stress, we can all relate to this one as any stress and you hold yourself differently and in turn bunch your muscles without realising it until the pain or discomfort starts. Bad posture, we all at sometime fall for this one, we slump in a chair or we hunch over our PC, our workstation may not be the correct height. Not sleeping well, poor mattress, or the mattress not suited to our backs, poor pillows.

There is nothing worse than waking aching all over and having had a bad night’s kip. If you are aching before bed and you have not obtained satisfactory relief before sleep, odds you are not going to get a good night, hence the next day you have more knots and tension in neck and back, this leads to a vicious circle of more of the same lack of sleep and more knots and tension.

Secondly once you have decided what the cause, you are half way there to deciding how to help and relieve it.

So if tense or stressed try to relax or find what is troubling you to make you feel tense in the first place.

A warm bath usually helps, there are several remedies you can add to your bath, salts, and oils but just try whatever helps you relax in the warm water. Try to stay for at least 20 minutes in order for the warm water to ease those muscles.

You have tried that and you feel it is not enough, you have turned your mattress as we are advised to do and invested in new pillows but the knots persist.

Your workstation is not the correct height or you are hunched over your pc or a visual display unit. Try to take regular breaks, if you can't leave your workstation, and then try to focus just briefly on something further afield, to gently lift your neck, and relieve eyestrain whilst doing it. Next gently move your neck left to right and back again. Repeat several times. Next try to tuck your chin into your neck, this leads to you stretching the back of your neck, then roll your shoulders to relieve tension and gently stretch your muscles.

A good warming cream to be applied by your partner if you can't reach, particularly between the shoulders. There are several brands available; some even have analgesic effects (pain relief) and properties in them. Find the one that suits you best, always read the label to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients.

If you can't take oral anti inflammatory tablets, you may be able use a cream or gel formula with anti inflammatory properties in them but please check with your medical practitioner first.

A low molecular weight gel with the added benefits of Aloe is said to benefit many.

A massage either from a professional or your partner can help enormously but what if you’re too tense for a massage, your knots too tight.

I can recommend Reflexology.

This can be done by visiting a practitioner or by simply purchasing a self help book to demonstrate the principles. Can't stand having your feet touched do not worry, reflexology can be performed on your hands or even your ears. So you can learn the simple techniques of reflexology and perform them yourself on your hands and gain great relief anywhere.

Furthermore another cause that can be mention by professionals is your core.

Core muscles; if they are weak, do not support your back as well as they should.

Good ways to improve your core without beasting yourself with tons of sits up which you really do not feel like doing when your back is aching.

Yoga or Pilates through professional classes or DVD's or self help books, choose which works well for you. A more recent aid to our back fitness is the WII Fit. There are many excercises in there to help alignment, balance, stretching and strengthening your core.

Finally prevention is better than cure, so try some of the remedies to prevent the knots and tension from happening in the first place.

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