Exercises for Relaxing Stiff Shoulders, Neck and Back Muscle Pains
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Exercises for Relaxing Stiff Shoulders, Neck and Back Muscle Pains

How to relax stiff shoulders by doing simple exercises. Neck, back and shoulder exercises to relieve stiffness of trapezius muscles.

Stiff shoulders may result from a variety of causes and there is typically a relationship with insufficient physical exercise and mental stress. It is therefore recommended that stress be avoided and that stiff shoulder relaxation exercises be done to relieve stiff shoulders.

Exercises should be done correctly and in a relaxed mood. It is important to continue these exercises regularly over a long period of time. It is important to remember that you need to feel refreshed after the exercise period.

Here are some exercises that are designated to use muscles that are not normally used in daily activities and to correct bad posture. Muscles are liable to become stiff are the neck, shoulders and back muscles. The trapezius or the muscles that span the neck, shoulders and back are the most likely to be affected when shoulders become stiff.

1. Basic Posture. Take a correct standing posture by straightening the back, drawing in the chin and relaxing the shoulders. A good posture helps in preventing backaches as well as relaxing stiff shoulders.

2. Tilt your head backward and then slowly and fully forward. Stretch the muscles in your neck and shoulders while tilting the head forward. You may feel the muscles in your neck being stretched and this would mean you will have a much better and relaxed neck and shoulders.

3. Tilt your head slowly to the right and stretch the muscles in the neck and shoulders. Do the same for the left side for a few seconds.

4. Lift your shoulders as high as you can while keeping your left and right arms against your sides. Fully contract the trapezius to the original position and relax.

5. Cross your hands in front of your abdomen, slowly raise your hands then spread your arms out to the left and right. Doing this can relieve the stiffness of your shoulders and upper back.

6. Lift your arms straight out in front of your shoulders and then upward as high as possible with the elbows extended so that all muscles from the back to the shoulders are moved.

7. Rotate the shoulders from front to back and from back to front.  This leaves your shoulder muscles relieved of pain and stiffness.

8. Clasp your hands behind your body and lift them back away from the body without bending the elbows.

None of the exercises described involves any significant risk because they are just basic exercises to relieve stiff shoulders obtained from sitting for long hours in front of computers or sitting for a long time doing office works. However, should any uncomfortable symptoms such as palpitations and facial pallor occur, it is best to discontinue the exercise and take a rest.

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