Easy and Cheap Ways to Relieve Muscle Knots and Tightness in the Back
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Easy and Cheap Ways to Relieve Muscle Knots and Tightness in the Back

Here are easy and cheap ways to relieve muscle knots and tightness in the back.

There may be nothing more painful then knots or tight muscles in one's back, especially the areas that a person can't get to themselves.  Muscle knots or tightness are sections within various muscles of the body that have constricted, and are unable to relax, creating pain that is consistent, and sometimes constant.  It is usually a lingering, dull pain that causes stiffness, irritation and muscle spasms.  This phenomenon occurs so frequently that its official scientific name is myofascial trigger points.

There are many ways in which to attempt to relieve muscle knots or back tightness, but first it's beneficial to look into some preventive measures.  The first steps in prevention are exercising properly (lifting with the correct motions), stretching, eating right, maintaining your posture, using hot/cold therapy with ice packs or heating pads, and making sure your hydrated with water and/or drinks with electrolytes. 

If muscle knots or tightness still occur here are some easy, and cheaps will to further help their relief.  I say cheap, because, obviously in this period of economic times everyone doesn't have the means to go out and get a professional massage.  These means, by the way, were told to me by a very good friend that just completed his education to be a chiropractor, but do not involve having to make an appointment.

The first way depends on if you have a family member or roommate, for it requires some help.  Lay flat on the ground or a bed, and have the other person apply pressure, with their elbow, to the area of the back that is in pain.  Put a good amount of constant pressure on the area for 30 seconds, and repeat 2 to 3 times.  This should hopefully alleviate some pain.  If you're lucky, another way would be a deep massage, using your thumbs and applying a decent amount of pressure in a circular motion on the affected area of pain. 

Another method depends on if you are all alone.  This is difficult because some of the areas of the back are very hard to reach, but have no fear, all you need is either a tennis ball or a baseball, either one will do, depending on your preference.  You place the ball under your back as you lay on the floor, and slowly move around on the floor giving the ball a chance to work the affected area of pain.  Hopefully this will loosen up your back, in being a way of self-massage.

These tips and tricks are for muscle knots and tightness and should be done when there is a minimal degree of pain.  If pain is ever too severe or you truly believe something is more than a spasm it is best to consult your physician immediately.

Hopefully the advice, tricks and tips help alleviate your back pain, for pain-free living is what all of us strive for.  Good luck.

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I think I will try your suggestions. Hell it can't hurt!