Deluxe Seat Solution for Lower Back Relief
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Deluxe Seat Solution for Lower Back Relief

This is my review for the Deluxe Seat Solution. This is a solution for lower back pain

I am currently recovering from a lower back injury I suffered as a result of improper weight lifting, excessive standing at a job and excessive sitting at an ergonomically disastrous chair.  I have been going to a chiropractor, which has helped me a great deal, along with placing hot packs and cold packs on my back.  However, I still have to travel a lot and I use a chair frequently.  Therefore, I needed something to make traveling and sitting easier on my back.  I strolled through Bed Bath and Beyond one day and the Deluxe Seat Solution caught my eye.  It looked like a bargain for $14.95.  I took it out of the box, placed it on a seat, sat on it, and I immediately felt relief, so I decided to give it a shot. 

The Deluxe Seat Solution is an orthopedic seat cushion that is a piece of thin memory foam zipped into a sleeve where one side is fabric, which you sit on, and one side is vinyl, which would be on the bottom for easy cleaning purposes.  It has a U shaped end, which is the end you sit on.  You can also carry your Deluxe Seat Solution by the U shaped end.  The U shaped end is designed to take the pressure off of your tailbone and your lower back combined with the memory foam. The wedge shape design is supposed to help improve your posture.  This product is suited to take with you on long road trips.  I noticed when I was taking a trip from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh at the height of my injury; I took a break every half hour due to the unbearable pain.  With the Deluxe Seat Solution, I took a similar trip in length from Washington, DC to New York City, and I only had to stop every hour and a half to take a break. 

I also use the Deluxe Seat Solution when I am sitting down in my office chair; when I attend sporting events, eat at certain restaurants, or when I go to the movie theatre.  I usually do not need it when I am relaxing on a reclining chair.  It is a great alternative to an actual memory foam pillow, since they can get bulky, and they are better suited for resting your head at night. 

Do I feel it is a miracle cure for back pain?  It is far from a cure.  It is a supplement to your treatment.  It is great for people who are not suffering from back as well.  It will help you on your road to recovery as it has helped me.  I feel it is worth the $14.95, while there are similar products at stores like Healthyback that cost three to four times as much.  It has helped me out with my sitting posture to the point where I learned how to finally sit properly without trying.  It was not shown on the Bed Bath and Beyond website, but you can find it in the physical Bed Bath and Beyond stores.  You can also find The Deluxe Seat Solution on many different online stores. 

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Thank you Matthew for your friendship and support. I have added you as my friend. I want to write more on Bible. Hope to see your writing.