Cost Effective Ways to Help Prevent Lower Back Pain
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Cost Effective Ways to Help Prevent Lower Back Pain

This is an article discussing different cost effective measures you can take to prevent a back injury. These are all safe ways to help keep your back strong. From having the proper footwear, back support, and movement breaks at a standing job, to having the proper chair, posture, position, and stretch breaks at a sitting job, to properly stretching and exercising, it takes a little cost and effort, but is much cheaper than the expensive alternative if you get a preventable lower back injury.

A lower back injury can be costly, not only in price for doctors, chiropractors, or in the worst case scenario, surgery, but as far it could cost you precious time at your job as well while you recover.  Taking preventative measures to help prevent back injuries do not have to cost a lot of money. 

  1. If you work at a job that requires you to stand for most or your entire shift, make sure you have Dr. Scholl’s P.R.O. inserts for your lower back.  The inserts, which typically cost between $10 and $15 depending on where you shop, are placed inside your shoes, designed to help take the pressure off of the back.  The Futuro Back Support Brace, which is adjustable, is a great brace to wear whether you have an injury or not.  It is light weight and comfortable.  You can wear it discreetly underneath your uniform.  It sells around $32 at Target.  Also, it is great to walk around when you can, because standing in the same position for a long period of time puts strain not only on your lower back, but your knees as well. 
  1. If you work at a job where you sit all day, including if you are a writer, it is important to get up and stretch at least once per hour.  It is also important to have a comfortable desk chair that allows you to recline.  You should be eye level with your computer screen so you can maintain good posture at your desk.  It is recommended to use a memory foam seat cushion like the Deluxe Seat Solution to absorb pressure to your spine while you sit.  It also helps you maintain good posture, which can be difficult after hours spent in the same chair. 
  1. Maintain a regular workout routine.  Stretch at least four times a week.  If you can fit it in, yoga classes are great for the back.  Do back exercises as part of your core strengthening routine.  If your back is weak, you may pull it doing other exercises, especially if you lift heavy weight.  With a combination of regular exercise, cardio, and healthy diet, you will not be carrying extra weight that could put pressure on your spine. 
  1. Treat yourself to a massage or relax in a hot tub if you have access to one.  If you want to save money, then you can massage your own back, but it can get tiring as well.  You want to keep your muscles loose, especially if you spend the majority of your work week in the same exact position whether you are sitting or standing.
  1. Try to avoid sleeping in weird positions.  You may wake up with overwhelming pain the next morning.  Often, if you fall asleep on a chair or the front seat in the car, you are slouched.  You end up placing lots of pressure on your back

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Comments (4)

I am constantly looking for ways to relieve my back pain. Excellent work. Recommended.

Useful tips here. Great work!

Back problems are very annoying and your tips are simple and easy to follow.

Thanks, I applied this to myself so I don't ever get back to the state I was in with my back injury.  Bad habits even when you're young take their toll.  People were shocked that I'm in my mid 20's and in good shape, but had a year long back injury.