Backache Natural Ways to Relieve Knots and Tight Muscles
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Backache Natural Ways to Relieve Knots and Tight Muscles

Simple and natural methods for relieving chronic backache and muscle soreness.

Stress, a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition caused by ingesting excessive unhealthy food and drink are among the leading causes of chronic aches and pains. So if your boss is a jerk, you’re trapped at your desk all day, or a hazy memory of drunkenly harassing some dark robed old woman at Mardi Gras has you convinced that somewhere there’s a pin thrust into the back of a voodoo doll sporting your grimacing visage…don’t fret. There are numerous simple and natural methods you can do to relieve the pain in your back before deciding if more serious medical attention is required.

Nutrition is an important factor in keeping your back and body free of aches and pains. The ancient Greek, Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, said: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Many of us don’t like the idea of popping pills any time we’re feeling poorly. If that sounds like you, there is an assortment of foods that naturally aid in the restoration of your physical constitution. Easily available foods like bananas, broccoli, apricots, avocados, almonds, spinach, and soy as well as herbs and spices like rosemary and turmeric contain antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, all of which serve to either reduce inflammation or provide the nutrients necessary for the body to avoid getting sore in the first place. The study of nutrition is an ancient one, and even today not a day goes by when scientists and nutritionists don’t discover some new benefit of healthy eating. Get to the bookstore and study up; there is enough information out there to keep you busy, and healthy, for years to come.

Water! Keep hydrated. Your body is made of roughly 70% water, keep it fresh and keep it flowing. You’ll be surprised at how much better you look and feel when properly hydrated. In addition to keeping your muscles working at their peak, water, the medium for all known life, helps your organs like the kidneys and liver more effectively wash the toxins from your body. These toxins in large part can contribute to stressed, sore muscles and that loathsome ache in your back that keeps returning. In addition to more properly functioning muscles, drinking plenty of water will help with keeping your skin supple and blemish-free, as well as increase the regularity of your bowel function (a nice bonus!), and raise your energy levels and mental acuity. The overall health benefits of keeping a well-hydrated body can’t be stressed enough. Sure, you’ll be racing your incontinent grandmother to the bathroom every fifteen minutes, but isn’t this mild indignity worth the blessing of better health.

Massage is also an effective way to relieve the tension in your back caused by stress. Though unfortunately not all of us will get to experience the well trained hands of a professional, a caring amateur like your spouse or significant other can serve the purpose quite well. Sure you’ll probably have to massage them in return, but you may be happy where this kind of exchange ends up. If you’re too ugly or unlikable to get a human being to massage your back, there are dozens of great massage products out there, from those bulky expensive massage chairs we all like to plop down in as we’re strolling by the Sharper Image, to those pulsating handheld devices that remind you of that thing you found all those years ago, while rummaging through the drawers of your recently divorced aunt Sylvia’s boudoir, looking for candy and board games to entertain yourself with while your parents enjoyed their summer vacation. From personal experience, I can recommend the Homedics Shiatsu back massaging cushion. There are several models to choose from, they work well, and you can get one for under $100, so you don’t need to sacrifice the kid’s college education just to get that tormenting gremlin off your back.

Exercise is also an important part of keeping your back lithe and limber. Exercise is great as a preventative measure as well as a curative one. A nice brisk fifteen minute walk around the neighborhood will do wonders to ease the tension in your back. Keep a strong posture, keep your abdominals firm and don’t be bashful about letting your arms and shoulders swing freely. The idea is to get your body moving though the full range of motion that you don’t otherwise get while chained to your desk. Walking helps relieve stress and banishes excess weight, the main causes of your recurring backache, and it’s easy enough that even the laziest sloth among us will enjoy it. Stay calm, take deep breaths and be thankful to be alive. Life is beautiful.

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VERY very well written article. You must have a background in fitness or wellness like me? We should follow each other on here.

This is a really well-written article. You need to write more!